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Does Roof Restoration Add Value to my House?

 We have had a stormy winter jam packed with rain, heavy rains and even hail! You are probably already aware that hail can cause damage to your roof but have you ever thought about the effects of heavy rain on your roof? Heavy rain not only causes the obvious roof leaks but other issues can arise after a heavy downpour. Read on to find out about the effects of heavy rain from our Powerdrive Roofing blogpost.


Heavy Rain and Roof Damage

While roof damage is often associated with severe storms involving hail or heavy winds, even just heavy downpours can cause issues for your roof. The severity or amount of damage will generally depend on the current condition of your roof. Therefore, if your roof is already in poorly maintained, heavy rains could cause significant failure. On the other hand, if your roof is well maintained, heavy rains alone probably won’t be an issue.


Roof Leaks

Poor bedding and pointing, cracked or broken tiles create a path in which water can penetrate through and leak into your home. This is sometimes a slow process that can happen over time, and become worse if left unattended. The layout of your roof will also be a factor when determining the cause of a roof leak. Incorrectly installed valleys in your roof can lead to pooling of water. If you have cracked tiles or rusting metal roofing, having a pool of water build up on your roof can lead to further weakening and eventually a possible leak. In addition, the added weight of water pooling could cause sagging or damage to your roof frame.


Already Damaged Tiles

In addition to water ingress, heavy rainfall can cause further damage to already damaged, pitting and cracked tiles. Tiles that have lifted, moved or fretted can be further moved or damaged by heavy rain leaving the roof structure exposed to water damage. While tiles are obviously designed to withstand water damage (when fully intact and sealed), excessive or constant amounts of water running through cracks and gaps can progressively cause damage and weaken tiles especially Terracotta roof tiles because of their already porous nature. They could be crumbling apart from the inside, making Them a hazard not only to walk on but also for future storms. Therefore, it’s important after heavy rains and storms to have your roof inspected by a professional from Powerdrive Roofing.


Mould and Lichen.

After a heavy downpour, damaged Terracotta can soak up water and retain moisture for days. As well as the pools of water earlier mentioned, can trigger mould and lichen growth on your roof. Depending on the roofs condition, it’s even possible for the mould to penetrate the roof surface and grow inside your home. The presence of mould on your roof and in your home can lead to raspitory illness for people and pets Another big factor with the Terracotta roof tiles retaining moisture is the underlying damage you don’t see, Chemical Delignification.


Call Powerdrive Roofing for All Your Roofing Needs!

If you think your roof could have been damaged in past storms, it’s a good idea to contact a professional roofing company you can trust! Powerdrive Roofing are locally owned and operated and here to help with your roofing in Perth.

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