Concrete Roof Tiles in Perth

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Concrete roof tiles weigh slightly more than terracotta tiles generally but are normally much stronger.

What are concrete roof tiles?

Concrete roof tiles are the main alternative to terracotta roof tiles in Perth, they are similar to their terracotta counterparts in many ways. Made up of a mixture of sand, cement and water, concrete roof tiles can be either painted or have an oxide colour mixed through before they are cast into their shape for a longer-lasting finish.

Both Concrete and Terracotta roof tiles come in a variety of profiles which can be used to create aesthetically appealing patterns, to help establish a unique housing style and to assist in directing rainwater to the guttering systems and ultimately off the roof and away from foundations.

Concrete tiles were first made as a budget yet still visually pleasing alternative to terracotta roofing tiles. For concrete one of the main drawcards was due to being cast they had the ability to mimic the appearance of slate, and stone also makes them cost-effective alternatives to these materials too. More affordable, more durable, stronger, and requiring a fraction of the maintenance compared to many other roofing materials, concrete tiles offer several advantages over the materials they imitate.

Properties of concrete tile roofs


Mixed correctly concrete is vigorous – because of this, concrete tile roofs are very durable, offering considerable advantages in strength over their terracotta equivalent. Concrete tiles are generally considerably heavier however, meaning the load-bearing capacity of the supporting walls and foundations are required to be greater for a concrete tile roof which is all considered at the time of the build. in saying that, lightweight concrete tiles are also available, although they are often more expensive, less durable and are not recommended by Powerdrive Roofing, as our motto goes if we wouldn’t use it on our house, we wouldn’t recommend you use it on yours.

Suitability and insulation factors

Because they are denser than clay or terracotta roof tiles, concrete roof tiles have a far greater thermal mass and will therefore hold more heat during the day, which is released during the evening. The suitability of concrete tiles in warmer, northern parts of Australia is dependant largely on the thickness of the tiles and their heat reflective properties, colour can also have a bearing on this.

Concrete roof tiles offer some of the best insulative properties of any roofing material and do a good job of keeping heat and noise under control.


Concrete roof tiles were originally designed to mimic other roofing surfaces such as slate, and therefore offers a range of flexibility in terms of how they look. Different profiles are available to suit just about any roof styles and pitches, with new modern roofing designs being developed all the time whilst keeping some old classics.

Where are concrete tile roofs found?

Like the terracotta tiles, concrete roof tiles are suited to just about any climate, they are perfect for Perth’s weather conditions year-round. Concrete roof tiles are popular throughout Australia and around the world but at Powerdrive roofing, we are concerned more about what suits our customers here in Perth Western Australia and concrete roof tiles are a perfect solution for your new roof, re-roof or roof replacement in Perth.

Concrete Roof Tile Maintenance

The maintenance on concrete roof tiles is in general very little, concrete roof tile repairs will normally consist of repointing of the ridge capping and the occasional cracked tile from normal movement in the home.

Even with live loads (people walking over the roof), if the tiles have been laid properly and the person walking on the roof is experienced and knows where to step, there should be no damage caused to concrete tiles.

Of course, there is always exceptions to this rule and a couple of concrete tiles that have been known to give a bit more trouble than others are the square profile tiles such as the Monier 100 and the Konkrete. But again if these are correctly laid to start with they should be no problem down the track.

Concrete tiles in general are great for giving a bit of a freshen up with a Roof Restoration, Powerdrive Roofing do not recommend roof cleaning when it comes to concrete roofing tiles unless it is your intention to carry out roof painting afterwards.

Concrete roof tiles much like their terracotta counterparts have a glaze and high-pressure cleaning can remove this glaze and allow extra water to penetrate the tile creating excess weight. although this is very exaggerated by roofing sales reps it is a real thing but is not going to be catastrophic as they would have you believe.

Types of Concrete Roof Tile

The Monier Concrete Roof Tile Range consists of 6 main styles:

The Elabana

As described by MonierElabana is a versatile profile and combines traditional good looks with outstanding product performance. Available in range of modern colours, there is bound to be one that will complete the look of your new home.

The Atura Roof Tile

The Atura roof tiles described by Monier to reflect the natural beauty and character of traditional ‘hand-split timber shakes’. With a seamless and enduring look, this elegantly classic style roof tile retains an authentic charm that will enhance any period or modern home in Perth or Australia.

The Horizon Roof Tile

The ultimate flat concrete roof tile. constructed to deliver a streamlined look that blends seamlessly with today’s current trends in Perth architecture. Available in a wide range of inspirational colours, Horizon roof tiles will enhance the look of any home. Again this is the description used by Monier, not all would agree with this particular tile.

The Cambridge roof tile

With its ‘hewn stone’ finish, The Cambridge roof tile is the perfect choice to replicate a look of slate roof tiles. Its unique appearance both complements classically and contemporary architecture, whilst bringing a level of sophistication that will make you the envy of your neighbours. Moniers take on the slate look tile, another great looking design.

The Madison Roof Tile

A popular tile manufactured by Monier and here’s what they have to say. ‘Sophisticated’ The look that best describes the Madison Roof Tile. This roof tile features a centre line shadow that enhances its appeal aesthetically, creating a look that is unashamedly minimalist, very stylish and Monier exclusive.

The Tudor Roof Tile

We touched earlier on the Monier 100, The Tudor is a carbon copy of the 100, only difference is it is slightly longer, here is what Monier have to say about their product. Defined, geometric lines make the Tudor roof tile the perfect choice for both modern and traditional homes. Available in a choice of 5 colours and designed for a varying roof pitch, the Tudor profile delivers a roofline that looks fantastic and is guaranteed to perform.

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