Roof Restoration Cost In Perth?

by | Nov 7, 2020

Perth Roof Restoration

Perth Roof restoration can cost between $20 and $36 per square metre depending on who you talk to. For a 200m2 roof tile restoration, the cost can range from $4,000 and $7,200. Prices vary depending on the amount of roof maintenance required and your location (if outside the Perth metro area).

Roof restoration in Perth

Powerdrive Roofing is generally in the low to mid-range when it comes to the cost of roof restoration and roof repairs in Perth, But we are at the very peak of the mountain when it comes to quality and service this is an aspect we will not compromise and our customer reviews speak for themselves.

Generally, roof replacement is a last resort and there are plenty of other options. If you notice a few signs of damage or mould build-up on your tiled roof, another option is roof restoration. This involves cleaning, repainting and roof repairs to improve the longevity of the structure.

Powerdrive Roofing always provides accurate quotations for roof repair in Perth and is the roof restoration specialist in Perth.

Powerdrive Roofings Cost of a Roof Restoration

You see when it comes to Perth roof restoration, we believe in honest pricing and no pushy sales tactics. Powerdrive Roofing is offering full roof restoration at just $22 per sqm. Additionally, this includes up to 20 tiles changed and all ridge caps repointed with a flexible roof pointing solution. Any other major repairs may incur some additional costs.

This way it allows the team at Powerdrive roof restorations to have a full written quote for you (subject to site inspection) within 10 mins of your call to us. We don’t try to hide the Roof restoration cost in Perth, actually, quite the opposite, we want the Perth public to be comfortable with the knowledge that they are receiving open and honest, transparent pricing.

Getting a quote for your roof restorations in Perth subject to site inspection allows you to know where you stand as far as roof restoration cost and you can decide whether it is in your budget and how to proceed from there. A lot of the time a full restoration is not required, maintenance is always an option. Again, there is no pressure at all from Powerdrive, we get by on our great rates and our reputation that towers above the competition.

Powerdrive roof restoration does not have flash promotions where they offer 50% off your Gutters if you get a full roof restoration, we don’t have to, why? Because we don’t overinflate our prices for the rest of the year to discount them for a couple of weeks to make customers think they are winning.

We offer the same price roof restorations all year round $22.00 per sqm. At that price, you not only get your roof restored, but you also get peace of mind knowing it has been restored by the team at Powerdrive Roofing. Backed by a 10–year warranty, at Powerdrive Roofing we’ve got you covered.

What is the average Roof Restorations Cost in Perth?

There are many factors that come into play when we talk about restoring a roof, there are also many varying levels of tradesmen who perform them, here at Powerdrive Roofing we can only give you a guide on what we look for when pricing a roof restoration in Perth.

Factors that can influence the price of Roof Restoration

Site access and scope of work are the most common factors that determine roof restoration prices. The following aspects help you realise your specific requirements and allocate your roof restoration costs.

Overall Condition of a Roof

The condition of your roof is the major factor that affects your roof restoration cost. Your local roofing specialist Powerdrive Roofing will inspect your roof to assess the roof repairs that are to perform.

Roof Cleaning is required to remove algae, debris, moulds or lichens which may reduce the durability of your roof? Does my roof require repainting? Also, is my gutter system in good condition? Will there be difficulties accessing areas of the roof? Are there certain height concerns? When restoring a roof cost may alter based on these concerns.

Bedding and Pointing

Bedding and pointing materials that you use will use also adds to contribute to your expenses. The price of basic mortar bedding will differ from the polymer-type bedding used by Powerdrive Roofing Perth. Likewise, the cost of pointing ridge cap tiles will dramatically vary from the standard labour rate of metal roofs.

Roof Type

A metal roof restoration will require a completely different process than tiled roofs. Age-old metal roofs need to be re-sealed or re-coated for aesthetic reasons. In some cases, replacing the entire sheet is the only way to avoid further leaks and continued damage.

Colorbond roof sheets over the last couple of years have risen by upwards of 80%, and there is no sign of the current supply shortages slowing down either.

On the other hand, Tile roof restorations involve repointing and replacing cracked roof tiles that show signs of structural issues. New tile installations will impact the cost of roof restoration. You can expect to pay around $8 to $12 per tile depending on the specific tile type. Then the labour and disposal costs. Additional Charges.

Additional Charges

In some cases, large roof repairs are required to restore the look and functionality of your roof. Spending extra on labour and materials may be required in some cases. Replacement jobs also influence the cost of roof restoration services in Perth.

Powerdrive Roofing and our team of professionals will be here every step of the way to help guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have. Our job doesn’t stop when you accept the quote, that is just the beginning.

Roof Restoration Perth Quoting System

At Powerdrive we don’t hire pushy sales reps who will come out and try and push the hard sell on to you for your roof restoration, instead before we even attend your property, we can supply you with a quote subject to site inspection measured via satellite if you request it.

This gives our customers a very good idea of the budget for costs of roof restoration prior to us even arriving on-site, you will have an accurate description of works that will be undertaken in your requested task and this allows you to have pre-planned questions ready for when we arrive.

This is a system Powerdrive Roofing has had in place for many years now and it has suited our roof restoration customers’ requirements with most commenting on the pleasant experience.

The Swan Brewery Perth

Powerdrive Roofing has been lucky enough to be able to put forward tenders and learn some of the histories of Perth’s most famous buildings such as the Swan Brewery a beautiful building with a rich history. As a Roof Tiler, we would have been proud to be a part of the roof restoration and roof replacement of the amazing Swan Brewery. Which was established in 1857 by Frederick Sherwood. At the foot of what is now Sherwood Court in Perth.

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