Cost of re roofing your house

by | Apr 14, 2021

Factors that affect the cost of re-roofing your home

The design of your roof, complexity and size determines the re-roofing Perth cost. A standard gable to gable layout will cost you far less than multiple hip ends. Much the same with roof valleys and more complex ridge layouts. Other factors that may affect your re roofing Perth cost are:

  • Square meterage
  • Roofing material chosen
  • The pitch of the roof
  • Any modifications made to the layout or structure
  • Possible council approval
  • Possible engineers’ approval
  • Difficult site access
  • Asbestos cement roof

Roof replacement Perth cost

Below is the re-roof Perth cost per m2 that you should be expecting to pay:

  • *Sarking: $8-$10 per square metre
  • Concrete tiled roofing: $125-$180 per square meter
  • Metal roofing: $125-$180 per square meter
  • Terracotta tiled roofing: $160-$210 per square meter

Traditional slate tiled roof: $300-$500 per square meter

Powerdrive Roofing re-roofing/ roof replacement cost

  • Concrete Roof Tiles: $124 per sqm
  • Metal Roofing: $124 per sqm
  • Terracotta Roof Tiles: 167 per sqm
  • (This is correct at the time of publication. Certain factors could add to the cost but this is a quite accurate general guide)

Types of re-roofing materials

If tiled roofing is chosen you can have a choice of the following types of roof tiles:

tile options include:

All of which are available in a range of different colours, styles and profiles. Which can make them ideal for any home. All slate, terracotta and concrete roof tiles are non-combustible making them perfect for fire-prone areas. Keep this in mind when contemplating the re-roof Perth cost.

If installed correctly slate roof tiles can last well over 100 years, they will hold their colour well. Even in the harsh Perth climate and they are not known to crack or break too often. Not without some third party force.

Concrete roof tiles will generally last in excess of 50 years. So long as the maintenance is kept up such as roof pointing. Maybe even a new coat of paint with a quality roof restoration by Powerdrive roofing.

Terracotta roof tiles are also known to last in excess of 50-75 years. Although more commonly the newer terracotta tiles seem to get some bowing/twisting once on the roof. Terracotta roof tiles are known for keeping their natural colour right throughout their lifespan. However, being a porous material terracotta/clay tiles are well known for attracting lichen mould. Furthermore, they are starting to become associated with chemical delignification.

Metal options include:

  • Colorbond®
  • Zincalume

Colorbond® is by far the most favoured and popular roofing material over the last ten years in Perth. But it may not always be the best option if your home is originally a tiled roof. When choosing to complete a re-roof in Perth. Most Perth roofing companies will happily lead you down the path of Colorbond® or metal roofing. This is for a couple of reasons the cost materials for the roofing company is significantly cheaper. When choosing metal over tiles and is a lot less labour intensive. This means less outlay with a quicker turnaround and equalling a greater profit margin.

A better profit margin for the roofing company, not what the customer would have as a top priority. A Colorbond® roof is considerably lighter than a tiled roof.

Pros & Cons When Considering Re-Roofing Costs Perth

On average a roof that has either concrete or terracotta tiles will weigh around 60kg per square meter. When you compare that with a metal or Colorbond® roof weighing around 5 kg a square meter. Which is a fraction of the weight.

When re-roofing and changing from tiles to the metal you require council approval and engineers approval. Of course, as you are not only dealing with the dramatic weight differential. But you now also have to prepare the roof structure to deal with a potentially significant uplift in high winds. The structure of your home will go from being weighed down to now being pulled in the other direction. In Addition, potentially exposing any weaknesses in the structure. So when talking about the cost of a re-roof in Perth we need to talk about the overall cost. Factor in potential future costs involved with a Perth re-roof.

The Building Code of Australia requires the roof frame to be tied down to the house. This is defined in Australian Standard 1684. This is where Powerdrive Roofing’s in-house building inspectors make sure everything exceeds the current Australian standards. The same service on every re-roof we undertake.

Re-roofing in Perth recent material price changes

When it comes to re-roofing cost in Perth. Metal or Colorbond® roofing up until recently was a cost-friendly alternative. Although just like everything else, not that it has gained popularity the price of materials has gone up.

Most people are under the belief that metal roofing requires no maintenance. Well, that would be great, but it is not true. The rubber seals on the tek screws break down allowing water ingress and over time everything fades and breaks down. The standard warranty for metal roofing is around 25 years. That is for the roof sheeting, this doesn’t include the tek screws and fixtures.

What is The Best Roofing Material When Re-Roofing?

Up until recently, the answer would have been simple metal roofing is the most cost-friendly re-roofing material. But as we discussed earlier that has all changed now. Slate roof tiles are out of reach for most people coming in at over $200 per square meter. But for everything else the price range is now closed up and fairly similar now. Terracotta roof tiles are always going to be slightly more expensive than concrete roof tiles. Similarly, when it comes to re-roofing costs in Perth. It now really boils down to what you as the customer finds aesthetically pleasing. Powerdrive roofing will be on hand to help with the decision-making process if required. We will make sure everything is done to the current Australian standards.

Is it Compulsory to Hire a Qualified Roofer?

When it comes to new roofing or in this case re-roofing. Most are of the opinion that it is not rocket science and they would be right. Although it is a skilled trade that is not as easy as it looks, not to mention the risks involved. When it comes to re-roofing Perth costs you are really likely to save very little attempting to do it yourself. As a matter of fact more likely to incur more costs in the long run. So leave this one to the experts at Powerdrive roofing, we’ve got you covered.

At Powerdrive roofing, we have the right workers for the right jobs. Roof Replacement to metal or Colorbond® roof you will be assigned a qualified roof plumber. For a re-roof to roof tiles, you will be assigned a qualified roof tile. This assures you get the best possible service from a fully qualified tradesperson.

We Are Asked as Re-Roofing Contractors!

  • Does your company carry insurance to work on my home?

Yes, Powerdrive roofing carry all required insurances and we makes sure our contractors do too.

  • Does your company have the required qualifications?

Yes, Powerdrive roofing has been completing re-roofing in Perth for many years. We only employ qualified trades to run our jobs.

  • Does your company have any referees?

Yes, Powerdrive roofing have plenty of online reviews that you can view here.

  • Can your company give me a formal written quote?

Powerdrive Roofing will provide you with a formal written quote with the re-roofing costs. Firstly you will notice we are not pushy salesmen. We will leave the quote with you and wait for you to make contact with us. Our staff don’t harass you with constant calls.

Below are the approximate Colorbond® roof costs. Rough price for stripping and replacing a standard three-bedroom two-bath home in the Perth metro area.

  • Re-roofing of an existing asbestos cement roof with Colorbond®: $15000-$30000
  • Re-roofing existing tiles with Colorbond®: $15000- $30000
  • Reroofing an existing metal skillion roof with Colorbond®: $8000-$12000

Gutters and downpipes re-roofing cost?

Would you like to replace your downpipes and guttering at the time when your new roofing is being laid? As you plan your budget, Ensure the quote provided to you includes the prices to remove all existing roof materials. Disposal (removal from site) and replacement materials including all gutters, downpipes and external extrusions.

These costs should also include sarking insulation (sialyation). Final cleaning up, removal of all rubbish, debris from the site. Like we were never there other than the beautiful new roof that is the envy of the street. Use the costs we have provided in this article as a guide. They are indicative and are only meant to be used as a guide. Several factors can contribute to price changes.

At Powerdrive Roofing, we understand the need for re-roofing specialists. Reasonable re-roofing costs and new roof costs, which we can offer as an alternative to roof restoration if required. If you have problems with leaking roof and gutters, it’s important to hire roofing specialists with prices that are affordable. When hiring Powerdrive roofing, you get a full 10-year guarantee on workmanship. There is also up to 30 years manufacturer’s warranty on most materials. Using the best available products, our team provides quality re-roofing and roof replacement services. Click for a free quote from us today.

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