Do You Need a Reliable Roof Painter?

by | Jul 10, 2024

Your roof is literally the crowning glory of your home and finding a roof painter who effectively paints tile roofs in Perth, like Powerdrive Painters, is exactly what you need.

This way, the aesthetics of your house are preserved. It is an essential part of any home and can get costly if not properly maintained and repaired.

When looking for the ideal roof painter in the industry, look out for these three qualities:

Registered Painters

 There are differing registration requirements from state to state. In some areas, you may not need a licensed contractor to perform minor repairs or paint jobs on tile roofs in Perth. All our roof painters are Western Australian registered painters.

 Still, it’s important to hire someone with professional qualifications if you want the job to be done right. & Construction Commission, so it’s always worth checking that the company is complying with local regulations.

The two general license classes include a named manager and a commercial contractor. Any person or company working on roof painting jobs worth more than AU $1000 must have the necessary licenses.

Safety Skills and Awareness

 A good roof painter has a successful combination of professional experience and compliance with all occupational safety measures. Look for a company that is insured and equipped with the correct personal protective equipment and equipment when you are on the job.

Roofing Knowledge

 A skilled painter knows how to diagnose and treat the condition of your roof, has extensive knowledge, and can work with different types of roofing materials: from clay roof tiles to colorbond roofing to various primer treatments and primers.

Your roof painter may need to repoint ridge capping cover and reposition the bed to improve the adhesion of the tiles before repainting. That’s where Powerdrive stand out from the rest.

Not only do we have registered painters on board for your roof painting requirements, but they are all paired up with qualified roof tilers and roof plumbers.

Roof Painter in Perth

If you need a roof painter in Perth, you know who to call, this many good reviews can’t be wrong! Powerdrive roofing have been in the game for a long time, we started from the bottom and have now worked our way to the top.

 We are in the big leagues now, but one thing hasn’t changed. Our customer commitment, our pricing model is transparent. We keep our overheads low so we can pass those savings on to you. Most of our biggest competitors run over the top ad campaigns, spending 100s even 1000s of dollars per week.

Powerdrive our roof painters have made such a great name for themselves we don’t even have an advertising budget. Word of mouth and google search engines trust is all the advertising we need.

So, if it is a reliable, honest, affordable roof painter that you are looking for, fill in your details in our contact form. We will generally have a quote subject to site inspection out by the close of business the same day. So, you will know almost instantly what you will need to budget for your roof painting project.

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