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by | Aug 5, 2022

The Gutter Replacement Cost Perth is not black and white, Here at Powerdrive, we have given you, our potential customers a bit of knowledge on potential costings and our exact prices further down the article. But first, we will discuss a few reasons as to what is involved in the Cost of gutter Replacement in Perth.

Gutter Replacement Importance

Gutter Replacement is very important and not something that should be pushed off to the following year, your gutters are in place to protect the foundations of your home and prevent excessive dampness from building up near your exterior walls causing penetrating dampness and mould issues internally. So, we are here to discuss just how much Gutter replacement cost in Perth and also the different materials that can be used in a Perth Gutter Replacement, which is the best investment.

  • Types of guttering
  • Choosing replacement guttering
  • How much does gutter replacement cost?

Types of guttering

There are many types of guttering available, from very inexpensive to very expensive. The most popular types of guttering are:

  • Plastic (PVC) guttering is Inexpensive and can be clipped together but is also not very aesthetically pleasing.
  • Colorbond guttering is generally the popular choice and is relatively inexpensive, with plenty of colour choices to match your home’s style.
  • Galvanised steel guttering is sometimes used, and expensive, however, can be a good option in oceanic areas.
  • Zincalume is another option and obviously goes with a Zincalume roofing style

Some other types of guttering are more expensive. These include stainless steel and copper guttering. Both are expensive and must be installed by professionals because they have to be welded.

A homeowner doing a DIY is likely to choose a PVC guttering system because the Gutter Replacement Cost for PVC combined with the ease of installation makes it more appealing, however, if you have a little extra in your Perth Roof Replacement Cost budget then hiring a professional from Powerdrive Roofing to install Colorbond Gutters is a much better option. Colorbond Gutter Costs a little bit extra, but it definitely outlasts the PVC, and the colour will hold up for many years.

There is also a large number of gutter profiles to choose from in the Colorbond range, this will slightly affect your Gutter replacement cost:

  • Half-round guttering
  • Quad guttering
  • ‘D’ guttering is a popular profile
  • Fascia guttering has a high front
  • OG (old gothic) guttering is a popular style that has a narrow profile and is popular in modern homes
  • Smooth back guttering has a smooth profile

When it comes to choosing your roof gutter system, it is not just a matter of how much your Gutter replacement Perth cost, or what profile of guttering should we choose, there are many factors that determine what guttering system is right for your home or business. Most importantly is gutter capacity, exactly how much water can each profile hold and what is the total of water that will be coming off each face into that gutter, also how many downpipes are required in that area to cope with the capacity of potential water in that area. 7500-8000mm2 is a standard capacity for most profiles of guttering, however, if you live in an area that gets more dense or continuous rains it would make sense to choose a guttering system with a higher capacity, they may bring up the overall Perth Gutter Cost, but it will heavily reduce the chance of future problems.

Why Replace the Gutters

There are a few reasons as to why we Replace Gutters in Perth, the first is the most obvious –

  • Worn out or rusted gutters
  • Aesthetic reasons – Gutters look outdated
  • Updating to meet new NCC guidelines
  • Renovating and gutters don’t match your new roofing material

For worn out and or rusted guttering, the choice of gutters is quite simple, it is out of necessity rather than aesthetics therefore it is more likely to come down to Gutter Replacement Cost Perth than it is to Gutter Profiles and or styles. For all your other reasons the style and profile of your gutter obviously are what will play a much bigger factor in the decision. Colorbond is always going to win this due to the large number of colours and styles to choose from, they can colour match absolutely any look you are aiming to achieve.

Installing Your Guttering System

As with every trade, some people will see the work being performed and say to themselves, wow, that looks easy, I will just do my own. This is generally where things can go wrong, as with every trade there are tricks and skills that our qualified Perth Roof Plumbers use to install your Roof Gutters. So while it may seem tempting to try and save on the Gutter Replacement Cost Perth, it will likely cost you in the long run when you have water flowing away from downpipes and water pooling in your gutters from incorrect fall. For peace of mind why not have the Gutter Replacement Specialists at Powerdrive Roofing come by and give you a quote and explain what is involved in the whole process and most importantly, the current Cost of Gutter Replacement in Perth.

At the end of the day, the team at Powerdrive Roofing are here to give you free advice and guidance, however, the final choice boils down to you, our customer, it will depend on your preferred style, your budget and sometimes, especially at the moment (July 2022) choice of materials.

How much does gutter replacement cost?

Gutter Replacement Cost Perth will depend on a few different factors. Here is a general price guide you can look to expect in the industry:

  • $35 to $40 per lineal metre for Plastic (PVC) guttering – Powerdrive Roofing Prices To Be Advised
  • $40 to $50 per lineal metre for Zincalume – Powerdrive Roofing Prices $42 per lineal metre
  • $45 to $67 per lineal metre for Colorbond – Powerdrive Roofing Prices $42 per lineal metre
  • $95 to $160 per lineal metre for stainless steel guttering – Powerdrive Roofing Prices To Be Advised

Powerdrive Roofing can do a quick measure from the satellite on most homes and give a rough idea on the price of gutter replacement and are always happy to attend the site for a free measure and quote to assess your roof and gutter system and provide you with a full itemised quote for your Roof Replacement Cost.

(Prices are for supply and installation on a typical single-storey home, this does not include downpipes and or fascia and is correct at the time of publication)

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