How long does an interior painting last?

by | Jul 10, 2024

Adding a coat of paint to a room has amazing transformative power. With so many colour and texture options available, the possibilities are almost endless. The room can breathe new life into its surroundings. You may also be wondering how long an interior painting will last.

 Knowing what to expect can help you plan how and when to remodel each room during your home renovation. The time depends on the quality of the paint, the colour and the specific room you choose.

High quality paints generally will have better binders. The type and number of binders used affects everything from stain and crack resistance to adhesion. High-quality latex paints with 100 percent acrylic binders are particularly durable.

Since the acrylic binders used cost more, this type of paint is usually more expensive. It also offers more durability and better adhesion. Quality paints also have more additives. These additives offer desirable properties such as making it easier to apply paint and or imparting protective properties.

High quality colours are usually easier to apply. last longer, and when you factor in paint life, they cost less. Paint Colour, when you factor in the longevity of paint in a particular room or area of ​​your home, some paints stand the test of time better than others.

Gray’s, blues, and greens hold up quite well over time as they can complement different types of decor. Although the furniture and curtains can change over the years, thanks to its versatility, the colour of the room can stay the same. Instead, bright, vibrant colours can lose their appeal if they conflict with an updated style or decor. It is best to choose a colour that will withstand some interior design updates before changing them.


The kitchen is one of the most frequently used rooms in your home. It’s the only place everyone seems to be. Also, due to the size of your family and the frequency with which you prepare meals, it is a room that is subject to significant wear and tear.

Heat from preparing food, constantly touching cupboards (open and closed), and smoke and fumes from cooking build up on walls and cupboards over time. On average, most kitchen coatings last 8 to 10 years. This includes painting walls, cabinets, and other high-touch areas.

After 10 years, you may find that the original paint colour has lost its vibrant look and is starting to fade, which may be more noticeable in certain areas. When this happens, it’s time to freshen things up with a new coat of paint.


the bathroom is another area that can be incredibly damaging to paintwork. Steam from repeated showers will eventually degrade the polymers in the paint and weaken the bond of the paint with the surface material. In this case, the paint begins to thin out and the paint, which once looks like new, becomes much duller and more transparent.

Most bathroom paints typically last 3-4 years. For a bathroom that is used less, such as a guest bathroom, the average increases to 4 to 6 years. Speaking of which, the more often a bath is used, the shorter the life of the paint.

Living Area

Like the bathroom and kitchen, your living room is a heavily used area. However, since your living room is not regularly exposed to heat, steam and water droplets, the colour of your living room should last a little longer.

A living room painting should take around 10 years to complete, unless, of course, your little artist decides that a living wall is a great canvas for art. Despite the occasional coloured pencils and markers, after a few years, most of us just get tired of seeing the same colour on the walls of our living room and it’s ready for a change.

Whether you notice the colours in your living room have faded slightly, discover unsolicited new artwork, or just get tired of seeing the same colours. It is probably a good idea to start flipping through some colour swatches after 6-7 years.


Bedrooms generally require fewer paint jobs than any other room in the house. While they are used at least 8 hours a day, bedrooms are not subject to the same everyday activities as in the kitchen, living room, or bathroom. As a result, painting a bedroom can take a little longer before it is necessary to repaint.

You can do without a coat of paint in your bedroom every 10-12 years unless you are tired of seeing the same colours every night like your living room.

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