Looking To Buy A Home in Perth?

by | Aug 7, 2020

Spring is almost here and it is often a popular time to buy and sell the property. If you are thinking about buying a Property, obviously you want to ensure that you are making a good investment. Before committing to purchasing a home, typically a pre-purchase inspection is completed to ensure there are no hidden hazards or defects with the property you are about to purchase. Your home building inspector takes a look at your roof but there are some questions that should be asked to ensure the roof is in good shape. Read on to find a list of questions to ask your building inspector!

The Life of the Roof

First and most importantly, how old is the roof on the house that you are considering purchasing? What is the projected life expectancy of the current roofing structure? IIs it likely to need to be replaced within just a couple years? Does it need to be replaced now? How soon will it need to be replaced? This information will play a big factor in your decision to purchase, as it could add a major expense to your home purchase. We need to remember our roof is our home’s first and most important defence against everything Perth’s weather gods can throw at us. Much like a solid foundation, without a solid foundation, anything else above is useless, it is similar to your roofing system, without a solid roofing system protecting your structure and guttering system diverting water away from those foundations, all that effort put into building a solid foundation is useless.

Concerning Roof Damage

Another big question you want to ask is whether there is any damage to the roof, either roof cover or the roof structure, no matter how small. Depending on the roofing material and the extent of damage, this could be an expense that you as a new homeowner were not expecting. If any damage is found, you may have some leverage to negotiate the contract price with the sellers to help cover the cost of roof repairs. This though will depend on the wording in your contract, generally, it will only cover major structural issues and not the roof cover unless you specify prior to signing. A professional roof inspection as part of your building inspection will include a thorough look at not just the top of the roof, roofing structure (this includes roof battens contrary to what some inspectors will try and have believed) to see if there’s any evidence of cracks, holes, water intrusion, wood rot, timber pest, Chemical Delignification or other damage. How bad is the problem? How and when the issues would need to be addressed?

Ventilation in Your Roof

One thing that is often overlooked when purchasing a home or just in any home, in general, is if there is adequate roof ventilation. Is the roof properly ventilated? Most people don’t think about roof ventilation as an issue or potential issue but If your roof is not properly ventilated, several roofing issues can arise. High temperatures and humidity can cause Terracotta roof tiles to become brittle and less resilient. Ventilation is an important aspect of any roof. A professional roof inspection would ensure that your ventilation is adequate for the size and layout of the roof. If you’re planning on buying a home this spring, making sure the home won’t need a bunch of repairs is always important. If you want to ensure your potential new roof is in good shape, call your roofing professionals at Powerdrive Roofing. We are happy to come out and complete a free roof inspection. Our contractors can provide you with a thorough inspection before you commit to purchasing the home.

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