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by | Jun 9, 2021

Brick Paving Cleaning in Perth

Made from a multitude of different materials brick paving has varying consistencies. Some are Quite solid while other brick pavers are quite porous. So, when it comes to brick paving cleaning there is different ways of tackling each one. This is why you should call Powerdrive pressure cleaning Perth. A professional pressure cleaning technician will be able to achieve the best possible results and avoid any damage.

The spillage of food, drinks or even oil and other stains will build up over time, as well as general wear and tear, the dog running around. Hubby coming home in his dirty work boots. There is a thousand ways to make your brick pavers look old and raggedy. But there is only one place to call for quality brick paving cleaning in Perth.

Using only the best quality equipment available. Powerdrive pressure cleaning Perth will meticulously attack and break down even the toughest dirt and grime. We can remove almost anything. We will leave your paving looking brand new again, you won’t even want to walk on it.

As we said earlier every brick paver is different so while we have a per sqm price, we like to come out and evaluate the job before giving a final quote. When quoting there are other factors to consider. Such as obstacles in the way, site drainage and inspection of the whole area for any possible complications.

Concrete Pressure Cleaning

Concrete generally being such a porous material tends to leach everything that touches it in, despite it looking and performing as such a solid hard-wearing surface.

When you talk about pressure cleaning Perth and concrete in the same sentence, quite often you will hear the name Powerdrive Roofing. Although our name suggests we are exclusively a roofing company we have been pressure cleaning for just as many years. Part of a roof restoration is obviously cleaning the roof.

When it comes to high pressure cleaning concrete there are several different areas that can be concrete and several styles of concrete. There is standard grey concrete, additionally you have coloured concrete or decorative concrete and also polished concrete.

So, again, this is why the Powerdrive pressure cleaning guys prefer to do an on-site measure and quote. We are not pushy salesmen we just believe in being transparent. If we quote a price, we want that to be the final price. Nothing worse than getting an over the phone quote and then the guy turns up and starts adding to it for unforeseen circumstances.

So, if it is honest a pressure cleaning quote you are after for your concrete pressure cleaning speak to the guys and girls at Powerdrive roofing and we will have you booked in and ready to go in no time.

Roof Repairs

Firstly, probably the most obvious checking the tiles, let’s say they are concrete roof tiles, we would walk the whole roof looking for any signs of broken tiles. Tiles are changed with tiles of roughly the same age and colour to match the existing roof.

Secondly, Ridge capping, we would check all the bedding and pointing for signs of deterioration, more often than not if anything needs to be done it will be the roof pointing. 9/10 times the existing bedding can be pointed over.

Also, we would look over any and all flashings, this means all lead flashings around Dutch gables, around top-storey extensions, secret gutters and valley trays to name a few. Repairs on all of these things must be undertaken prior to any pressure cleaning taking place.

All our contractors that engage in roof cleaning are experienced and practice. OHS act of Western Australia.

Roof cleaning along with the roof repairs we touched on earlier is the basis for a roof restoration. Pressure cleaning is one of the major factors in whether a roof restoration will last or not. On colorbond roofing, it is mainly just a high pressure clean and tek screw replacement prior to painting.

Gutter Cleaning

After pressure cleaning your roof, it obviously makes sense the next step would be to clean your gutters. Gutter cleaning is one of our special services on its own. But, if you have booked a pressure clean of the roof, your gutter cleaning is free.

There is no point having a brand-new roof if you have clogged up gutters and downpipes. We will come along and clean out your gutters, making sure to flush your downpipes. When the next big storm hits, you can sit inside sipping your wine in the knowledge that Powerdrive Roofing has got you covered.

Bore Stain Removal – High Pressure Cleaning

Thinking of selling your home? Maybe you have the in-laws coming over for the first time. You look out the front and all you see is the disgusting brown stains. Iron staining form bore water can’t be removed with just pressure cleaning alone. This is where Powerdrive come to the rescue, we have a proven bore stain removal that will have your home looking schmick in no time.

We will first complete an on-site inspection and have a chat about the best options for your particular situation. It is the same as we spoke about earlier, different surfaces have different textures. There are drainage issues. Pressure cleaning isn’t all about just swinging a hose around all day. There is an art to it.

In saying that I guess you could call the Powerdrive team the Picasso of pressure cleaning Perth. Get in contact with us today and secure your spot for your pressure cleaning requirements. While you are on our site, why not look around and check out some of the other services we offer here at Powerdrive.

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