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by | Aug 7, 2020

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Storms can potentially cause damage to your roof. It’s a good idea to have one of Powerdrives famous Roof Inspections. If you think you could have sustained any damage at all. Read on to find out the four benefits of having a roof inspection especially after a storm.

1. Roof Inspections Find Damage You Can’t See from the Ground.

Damage from a storm isn’t always visible to the naked eye, and especially from the ground. Climbing a ladder and walking around your roof is quite dangerous. If you don’t have the correct qualifications, not to mention insurances. What if you do come a cropper and injure yourself, who’s going to pay the bills then? Who will do the rest of the tedious chores?

Sometimes it can be best to let us risk our necks. After all, it’s what we have trained our whole life for. I’m sure there are plenty of safer maintenance jobs at ground level. If it’s hiding from the wife you are after. I saw a good spot behind the shed that looks much safer to sneak a beer (unless she catches you). But it’s best to leave the roof inspections to the professionals. They have the experience and expertise. Knowing what to look for and how to properly walk on your roof without causing more damage.

2. Roof Inspections Save You Money Down The Track.

After a storm, it’s easy to neglect or forget seemingly minor roof repairs. But those minor issues can very easily grow into huge problems if unattended. Not only can a roof inspection after severe weather identify storm damage. It can also identify pre-existing problems that you may not have been previously aware of. Finding problems early on can save you $$$ in major repairs down the track. Minor roof repairs are obviously much more affordable than re-roof or total roof replacement. Not to mention the possible interior damage that it can potentially cause when a roof issue is left unattended.

3. Inspections Make Insurance Claims Easier.

To be able to claim for storm damage with your insurance. You’re going to need a professional roof inspection from a Reputable Roofing Company in Perth. Even if you are well aware that there is storm damage to your roof. You still need to call in a roofing contractor who will provide a detailed inspection with a report. Then you can provide that report to your insurance company in the claim process. You are 90% much more likely to get the correct reimbursement with a professional roofer on your side. Instead of taking the word of the insurance assessor who will downplay any damage and blame incorrectly on maintenance.

4. Roof Inspections Just For Peace of Mind.

Think about the satisfaction you will feel after having a thorough roof inspection by a roofing expert. Damage or no damage, a roof inspection will make sure that you are immediately aware of any roofing issues. Whether they are major, minor, or in between. It will give you peace of mind knowing that your roof is in or can easily be in great shape. Also that it has the best chance of standing up to any future severe weather. It’s quite comforting to know that your roof will remain intact and shelter your family from that next Perth storm.

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Whether you have had baseball size hail or even if you had some heavy rain and wind. Having a Powerdrive Roof Inspection may be a good idea. Powerdrive Roofing offers free, no-obligation Roof Inspections in Perth and all surrounding areas.

Perth Landmark Roof Inspections

Powerdrive Roofing has put in tenders for the roof replacement in Perth of places like WA Museum Boola Bardip. The state museum, now known as WA Museum Boola Bardip. Officially re-opened on 21 November 2020 in the Perth Cultural Centre.

The Perth Mint, established on 20 June 1899, two years before Australia’s Federation in 1901. Would be overdue for a roof inspection and a look at a roof replacement. The Perth mint roof is covered with terracotta roof tile which has a great life span. But would definitely be nearing their end.

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