Roof Painting Cost in Perth

by | Nov 7, 2020 | Roof Repairs Tips

The cost of roof painting varies based on the duration of work (labour) and the amount of paint (materials) required for the job.

To know how much roof painting costs in Perth, you will need to consider factors such as the size of your roof, quality of paint materials used and the skill level of the applicator.

Complexity of the job is also one to be taken into account (site access difficulties, roof pitch) should be taken into consideration.

Other aspects including your roof type, the roof repairs that are required (replace broken roof tiles, re-point ridge capping)

Prior to roof painting, roof cleaning will need to be undertaken these are all major factors in the cost of a roof painting job in Perth Western Australia and then of course your location (if outside metro area) have an impact on roof paint pricing.

We only use registered painters that specialise in residential homes and provide you with clearly defined roof painting estimates. We carry all relevant insurance to help safeguard your finances and ensure safety when performing the job. Powerdrive roof painting offers 10-year warranty to maximise your investment.

Size of the roof is going to obviously be one of the biggest factors in the cost of painting a roof in Perth, it is always based firstly off a square meterage rate and then the other factors discussed below are factored in. this article is a basic guide as every roof is different and the only true way to get an accurate cost of painting a roof in Perth is to utilize Powerdrive roofing free Roof Inspection Service.

Prices will vary depending on your roof material type. Painting Colorbond roofs will always differ from painting concrete roof tiles in terms of labour cost.

Say the process of roof repairs, roof cleaning and painting lasts for two to three days. The expected cost could be around $560 to $1,320 in labour, plus materials etc.

The Price of Roof Painting Based on Your Roof Type

Roofing materials have different requirements for maintenance and upkeep. Two roofs of the same size can still vary in pricing depending on what type is to be painted and as mentioned above the complexity of the job and other mitigating factors.

Concrete roof tiles

Painting a tiled roof can cost anywhere from $700 to $2600  or more for labour depending on the condition of your roof. Quality roofing sealants and acrylic membranes cover a vast majority of the expense.

Painting roof tiles is often not required and Powerdrive have always been honest about this with their customers, but some homeowners choose to have it painted purely for aesthetic improvement which it certainly does. Many roof painters recommend sealing concrete tiles as it can help improve the roof tiles surface and extend the lifespan also reduce the amount of water weight absorbed by a roof tile once the glazing has erroded.

Colorbond and metal roofs

Painting Colorbond roofs can cost anywhere from $700 to $1,700 for labour or sometimes more, it would depend on roof area and condition. Primer and rust treatments obviously will add to the cost.

Painting Colorbond roof sheets are generally unnecessary but for increased durability, paint can be applied.  Preparation work includes dirt and debris removal, by cleaning the surface with a pressure cleaner and applying a primer for maximum adhesion to the roof surface.

A typical roof painting service includes blowing down, pressure cleaning, damage inspection and the actual roof coating procedures. In some cases, roof repairs (e.g. patching up leaks) and replacement of flashings, ridge capping etc are required prior to painting.

Note: Normally, three coats (i.e. base coat, undercoat and top coat) are applied to ensure the quality of painting. Before commencing the roof painting job, Powerdrive roof painting professionals will help you choose a colour and fully explain the process.

Signs A Roof Needs Repainting

There are always warning signs to check whether your roof needs sealing or painting. Be sure to have professional roof inspection by Powerdrive roofing to assess its condition and specify your project requirements.

  • The current roof tile paint is starting to peel
  • Roof looks pale or powdery
  • Exterior paint is Blistering
  • Corroded or rusted roof surfaces (repainting Colorbond roofs)
  • Leaking roof structures

Has your roof been showing one of these signs? If you have not painted it for within 15 to 20 years, it may be time to consider repainting your roof.

Please note at Powerdrive roofing all our work is covered by a minimum 10 year warranty, so in order for Powerdrive team to provide you with a roof painting service, all roof repairs, roof maintenance will be included in the quotation price, this includes but is not limited to roof tile replacement, repointing of ridge capping, roof valley repairs or replacement, flashing repairs or replacement.

We are not in the business of using a coat of paint to cover up potential problems, we will only carry out work to rectify problems.

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