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by | Jun 11, 2021

Today’s Roof Painting blog is going to talk briefly about roof painting Perth on different types of roof cover materials.

Anyone who has read my posts knows my preference for concrete roof tiles. Due to them being one of the strongest and most durable roof cover options available. Although, even the most durable material requires maintenance. Once your concrete tile shows the typical aging signs such as paint fade, It is time to think about painting your roof. So it is a fitting place to start this roof painting Perth blog.

Residential painters in Perth can help you with your roofing needs. If you start to notice your roof is showing signs of severe wear. Maybe the paint is badly faded and aesthetically it is not great. This is a good time to get a roof inspection. You will likely find at this stage there may be more than just a simple roof coating required. It would be at this stage where a roof restoration would be recommended.

A roof restoration combines roof repairs and roof maintenance together with roof painting in Perth. Powerdrive Roofing will very rarely complete a straight roof painting job. At the very least we would generally do the roof pointing as that is a vulnerable point in the roof.

As for the concrete roof tiles themselves. It is during the manufacturing process when the original colour is applied. Occasionally oxide is mixed with the cement to create a more consistent colour throughout the tile.

Roof Paint

In Perth, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to roofing membrane for roof painting Perth. There are several companies that manufacture and supply quality sealers, primers and roof coatings for concrete roof tiles.

However, at Powerdrive Roofing, we use either Dulux or Nutech Roofing membranes. We believe these are the best quality on the market. Both brands have been tried and tested in the Australian market and have proven their worth.

Roof painting in Perth requires exceptional quality paint to stand up to the scorching Perth summers. It needs to be applied by reputable and most important, registered painters in Western Australia


But before the roof painting even starts you must do your preparation. We will start by assuming there is no bedding and pointing, no roof tile replacement or valley replacement, it is just a straight high pressure clean and paints.

Roof cleaning is just as important if not more important than the roof painting in Perth itself. You need to have the correct water pressure and litres running through your pressure cleaner. Tiles are to be washed from the ridge caps down to the gutter line. The front edges of the tiles need to be washed also, they are often forgotten, or not cleaned sufficiently.

Once the roof cleaning is completed it is time to rinse it off. Then gutter cleaning and flush all downpipes. This is always done as a courtesy to customers, so they not only have a beautiful new roof to look at but a fresh free-flowing roof plumbing system.

Finally, what we have all been waiting for, the roof painting in Perth. We start by applying a generous coat of primer/sealer. Followed by two topcoats of our customers choose from the Dulux or Nutech range.

Now, all that is left for you to do is sit back, have a beer and admire your fresh new roof.

Painting Terracotta Roof Tiles

Powerdrive Roofing does not paint terracotta roof tiles. There are many reasons for this. I will go ahead and list some reasons to rethink roof painting in Perth if you have terracotta roof tiles.

  • Terracotta roof tiles are clay based.
  • Glazed terracotta is a definite no go, new paint will blister.
  • Natural terracotta roof tiles can add value to your home.
  • Unglazed terracotta is very porous, it absorbs the paint and leaves it looking blotchy and uneven. Also, terracotta tiles twist and warp at different times of the year, this will expose the underlying colours.

Due to many years in the harsh Perth climate, any roofing material is going to require maintenance. Since terracotta is no good for roof painting in Perth, we have to look at alternatives.

So, what are the alternatives? We can look at a terracotta roof treatment or terracotta roof restoration. This would refresh your tired looking roof tiles and give them a protective barrier from dirt, debris and lichen.

As with concrete roof tiles. Terracotta roof tiles also require specific high-pressure cleaning. This is done prior to applying the roof ripper and sealer. Powerdrive Roofing’s roof painters know the individual requirements of different roof cover materials. They use their experience to establish the most suitable sealers and glaze for your terracotta roof.

Painting a Colorbond Roof

Painting a colorbond roof is more common than people think. A lot of people have a common misconception of colorbond roofing. Thinking it is a wonder material that needs no maintenance or roof painting in Perth and will last forever. The reason for this is a lot of roofing companies are driving it home that way.

Unfortunately, that is just not the case. Colorbond on a roof can fade extremely quickly meaning roof painting is going to be a regular maintenance cost.

In saying that colorbond itself is an extremely durable material which if installed correctly can last 30, 40 maybe even 50 years. But the reason the roofing companies are pushing so hard to get this colorbond on your roof is simple.

  • Overall material is a lot cheaper than concrete or terracotta roof tiles.
  • Labour is less intensive.
  • Less team members required on-site.
  • Faster job turnaround.
  • More total profit per job.

So, it is understandable that these roofing companies and builders are pushing colorbond. Don’t get me wrong. It does have its benefits, but my personal preference is tiled, and I will always be honest with my customers and give them the option. There are many options when it comes to Roofing in Australia.

Back To Roof Painting

Back to roof painting and in particular colorbond roof painting in Perth. It does have its challenges; it is not the same as tiled roof restoration. As with tile painting, colorbond has its own specialised system that Powerdrive Roofing follow to assure paint application is successful.

Repainting a colorbond metal roof requires preparation, the same as a tiled roof. A colorbond roof should be high pressure cleaned at around 4000 psi with straight water. There are no required chemicals.

A metal etches primer is to be applied prior to any top coating. Bearing in mind that if the preparation is not done to a high standard it will result in poor adhesion between the metal surface and the paint.

Colorbond comes in multiple colours to suit any residential home or commercial building. A selection of colorbond paints also come with heat reflective properties. These are slightly more expensive however they can save you money in the long run on your heating and cooling bills.

In summary

If you are looking for roof painting in Perth, look no further than Powerdrive Roofing. Maybe you want straight advice, no-nonsense, look no further, Powerdrive Roofing has built its reputation on trust.

If you have a question about roofing in Perth, what better place to go. Powerdrive Roofing have you covered from all angles.

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So, if you need to chat about roof painting in Perth, or maybe it is a little too late for roof repairs and it is time for a roof replacement. Get in touch with Powerdrive Roofing. We’ve got you covered.

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