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Carpentry in Perth

Carpenters in the eastern states have always been called upon and relied on. They have a unique skill set that is required when working with timber. But now Perth has found itself in a building boom. Some building companies are tempted to make the move away from the double bricks. They look to move into our area of expertise. It’s a good time to be a carpenter Perth Here is some of what you need to know about carpentry. If you want to find out know how to become a carpenter and learn the trade. Anything from cabinet making to roof framing. This is a good place to start. Or if you want to know what carpenter you will require to keep reading and you will soon know.

Roof & Wall Framing Perth

When it comes to carpentry one of the most important facets would have to be framework. Otherwise known as framing it is one of the most critical components when constructing a home. Likewise, any building structure. The framework be it timber or steel has to be installed absolutely spot on. Otherwise, the rest of the build will not go well at all.

The framing is basically your building structural 3d layout. It will be the base for what all your internal and external walls cover. The framework extends to the roof where there is a complex layout to follow in most roof frames.

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Roof Framing

Roof frames are designed differently for different reasons. It can be different roof types. Gable to gable roof is a much easier layout and less complex than a home with multiple hips and valleys.

Maybe it is different roofing cover material. There are concrete and terracotta roof tiles that are not too far off each other in weight ratio. Around 60kg per sqm. However, colorbond metal roofing is only around 5kg per sqm. Colorbond has been known to act as an umbrella with a huge uplift in high wind areas. This means it requires special tie-downs into the building’s structure.

We make sure everything is pinpoint accurate. To ensure friends the Powerdrive roof tilers and roof plumbers can come in after us and have a nice easy job. At Powerdrive roofing company, we are like one big family that look out for each other. Even the guys that live on the easy street have scored the cushy job doing gutter cleaning. We still let them come to the family bbq, we also pride ourselves on our customer service. Powerdrive roofing contractors have been around for many years now. We are well known in the industry for our above and beyond service.

Powerdrive Framing carpenters

Whether you are in the market for a whole new home. Maybe a small addition of Powerdrive roof framing carpenters can make your dreams a reality. In addition, we have dedicated teams of carpenters ready to start on your project today.

The 2020 – 2021 Perth building boom has caused a lot of builders to deviate away from the double brick we have all grown accustomed to in Western Australia. That is where Powerdrive roof carpenter Perth can come in and save the day. Our experience in conventional timber framing on homes in and around the Perth suburbs is second to none.

Timber Framing Projects

Our experienced team of Perth carpenters are happy to take on any timber framing project. Any project be it basic or complex. Of course, Powerdrive thrives in the opportunity to provide a great carpentry service to the residents of Perth. You can be assured we will get the job done right, our reviews speak for themselves!

We specialise in cut on-site, conventional timber framing.

Wall Framing carpentry
Roof Framing carpentry
Structural Framing carpentry
Partition Walls
Floor Framing carpentry
Eave Linings 

We provide wall & roof carpentry framing services throughout Perth for:
Granny Flats
 Renovations & Extensions Owner Builders
New House Builds
First Floor Additions & More

Definition of Carpentry

The definition of carpentry can be described as the art of working with timber to construct. Or maintain buildings, furniture and other structures.

Types of Carpenter Perth

While the word carpenter is used to refer to almost anyone that works with timber. There are altering styles and types of carpentry. So, what is it that a carpenter Perth does exactly? The two most common forms of carpentry are:

Rough Carpentry 

Rough carpentry as the name would suggest is woodwork that does not require a tidy finish. Of course due to being covered up by walls, ceilings or other items. 

Structural carpentry is the most well-known form of rough carpentry. Requires these carpenters to be very skilled in quickly erecting the structural elements of a building. Such as beams, roof battens and rafters. Rough carpenter Perth like the guys at Powerdrive normally work in roofing and framing.

Finish Carpentry 

The term Finish carpentry refers to all other carpentry work that will be seen once a building is completed. So finish carpenters are required to work to a high level of detail.

furthermore working as a finish carpenter you will deal with a range of different jobs. Which will include flooring, decking, building staircases and doors, erecting patios and several different structures, installing trim and skirtings etc.

Other Types of Carpenter Perth

Although there are other forms of carpentry and carpenters that are more specialised. These include:

Formwork Carpentry 

Formwork carpentry whose main focus is on setting up and disassembling formwork. Which is otherwise known as the frame that holds the concrete in place while it cures.


A cabinet makers main focus is on fit-outs, kitchens, bathrooms, offices. Even furniture making is a component of cabinetry or cabinet making.

Trim Carpenter Perth

Trim carpentry is carpentry that specialises in the installation of mouldings and trims. Installed into a room such skirting boards, architraves, cornices, ornamental trim etc.

Green Carpentry 

A green carpenter is a carpenter that is trained to a similar standard to a rough or finish carpenter. However, they have a certain interest and skill set in using more environmentally sustainable methods and materials in their projects.

Scenic Carpenter Perth 

Being a scenic carpenter is generally associated with erecting and dismantling stage and television props for film and plays.

Ship’s Carpentry 

A ship’s carpenter is one where the name really tells its own story. They specialise in shipbuilding, repair and maintenance techniques. Then they are required on steel ships as well as timber ships.

Other Common Carpenter Perth Types

Although, there is more. often carpentry gets divided into sections instead of the work itself. Like you could have a first fix carpenter and a second fix carpenter.

What is First Fix Carpentry?

First fix carpentry, in other words, the first phase or first of two steps required to build a home. A first fix carpenter would be expected to do a lot of the structural. Rough carpentry, on the east coast more commonly than in western Australia. They would complete frameworks such as doors, windows etc.

After this phase. You can expect other trades such as electricians to come through and do their part and gyprockers to finish off. 

What is Second Fix Carpentry?

Second phase carpenters or second fix carpenters arrive on-site to do all the prettying up and finishing touches. They will lay floating floors, install doors, cabinetry, skirting boards and generally just put the finishing touches on.

What is a Shuttering Carpenter Perth?

A shuttering carpenter is a fancy name for a formwork carpenter. Some people use the phrase shuttering rather than formwork. But we all know that this is just a way of making them feel fancy, lol.

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