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Plumber and Roof Plumbers, What’s the difference?

In general, people associate taps, toilets and kitchen sinks with plumber and they would be right!

But as I am sure you are aware; however, it is not often you will find a dunny on your roof!

Roof Plumbing however is all about assisting to drain and channel rainwater off your roof.

Rather than tapware, Roof Plumbers work with:

All these Roof Plumbing fixtures serve an important purpose – that being, preventing water from entering your home and causing damage.

By stopping water from gathering inside your home and on your roof. The Roof Plumbers are maintaining the structural integrity of your home.

Of course, a Roof Plumber has a varied skillset and knowledge to a standard plumber. To qualify as a Roof Plumber, these roofing professionals need to acquire a specific set of specialised skills.

Example, the guys from Powerdrive Roofing’s Roof Plumbing division working with our clients’ roofs. In order to do this, our Roof Plumbers working at heights training.

In addition to this, Powerdrive Roofings Roof Plumbers in Perth also specialise in all thing’s stormwater.

Powerdrive can also organise to connect your rainwater tank to stormwater pipes. Additionally set up your indoor plumbing to make use of the fresh rainwater that has been collected.

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When Should I Hire a Roof Plumber?

If a roof is sealed by a Roof Plumber when it is first constructed. How do I know when I need to hire a roof plumber?

Of course, when my roof begins to leak it would be time to call a Perth Roof Plumber. Yes, this is true, although we would want to prevent a leaking roof to start with. As a leaking roof, even a minor leak can lead to more serious issues within your home.

And the best way to avoid these issues is to be proactive and check your roof regularly.

Powerdrive Roofing contractors recommends having your roof checked every 18 months to 2 years. This will ensure continued protection from the harsh Perth weather. Contact Powerdrive Roofing company today and get your free roof inspection!

Don’t Ignore a Leaking Roof

It’s tempting to turn a blind eye to a leaky roof. Especially during the warmer months with little to no rainy day. If it is not happening every day and it’s not a huge leak, it’s not that bad, right?

Allowing a couple of drops each time it rains is enough to cause major damage to your roof over time!

It doesn’t need to be constant heavy downpours have a major, impact on the structural integrity of a roof structure. In time, even minimal amounts of water and damp can result in:

  • Damage to your roof battens and rafters
  • Mould and mildew
  • Discolouration and staining
  • Dampness encouraging termites

And in many cases, even in your ceiling becoming weak to the point where it sags or, ultimately, collapses completely!

As well as standard Roof Plumbing work. Powerdrive Roofing’s Roof Plumbers in Perth will also pinpoint and rectify leaks and problems you might find in your ceiling. Our Roof Plumbers can help fix emergencies involving your roof.

Roof Problems? Call Our Perth Roof Plumbers Today!

Powerdrive Roofing offer Commercial Roof Plumbing, Residential Roof Plumbing and a range of other Roofing services such as

Powerdrive has created a name for ourselves based on honesty and transparency. We are well known in the industry for our quality workmanship and second to none service.

Roof Plumbing is just one of the many services we offer and excel in!

Gutter Replacement By Roof Plumbers

Maintaining a systematic guttering system around your house, workshop, or commercial property is essential. It provides an efficient way for rainwater to be dispersed away from the building. As well as prevents it from entering your roof space or wall cavities.

Deteriorated or deteriorating gutters must be replaced along with gutters, downpipes and spouts. It is also highly recommended to keep debris and any other foreign matter out of your guttering system. With at least annual gutter cleaning from Powerdrive roofing. This will expand its life and also prevent clogging and eventual roof leaks.

If you become aware of stains in the corner of your ceiling, dripping water in your commercial building. Or any other signs of water damage on the interior or exterior. Contact Powerdrive Roofings Roof Plumbing Division today for help. We will inspect your gutters determine the issue and provide you with a quote to rectify the issue.

 Gutter Guard Installation in Perth

prevent gutters from getting blocked before it even happens and guard your number 1 asset. Similarly its foundations from undue harm with gutter guard installation from Powerdrive Roofing Roof Plumbing Division. When you invest in a quality gutter guard for your existing or new home. You are installing an extra layer of protection not only from leaves. But from birds, small wildlife and unwanted pest infestations but also the extremely harsh and unpredictable Perth climate. We all know the devastation the 2020 bushfires on the east coast caused. By reducing hazards such as a build-up of dry leaves, twigs and tree bark from being ignited from embers. You greatly reduce the risk of fire to your home. Check out Powerdrive roofing reviews here! Arguably we are one of the best roof plumbing companies in Perth!

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