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Roof Pointing Perth

Maintenance is an essential part of being a property owner. But so often roof maintenance is overlooked if your home is older. It may still have the older style roof pointing. Which consists of cement and oxide. If this is the case a lot of the time the roof pointing cement can crack or break away. Leading to roof tiles coming loose and exposing your roof to the weather.

Time to upgrade your old cement roof pointing

It is time to upgrade that old-style cement repointing with the modern era. Where a flexible roof pointing compound is now used in its place. Repointing ridge capping will likely save you big money in the long run minimising water ingress and other potential damage.

In a new home, the bedding is laid first, the bedding is as it sounds. A bed of concrete or cement for the ridge cap tiles to be laid on. Once the cement bedding has cured the pointing is then applied over the top. It covers the bedding from the tile to the ridge cap covering and locks it into the bedding. This will secure the ridge capping and tiles in place.

The flexible roof pointing compound has a couple of different functions. As well as locking in the ridge capping being flexible allows it to expand and contract. With the ever-changing weather conditions in Perth. The flexible ridge cap pointing also acts as an extra barrier against wet weather, dust, debris and vermin.

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Has Your Pointing Started to Deteriorate?

If your roof pointing has started to deteriorate and or crack. Then it is going to be far more likely to be a point of failure. Allowing water to ingress in our winter rains and causing all kinds of damage.

Ever since 1995, Australia has been using flexible roof pointing. Ridge cap pointing should generally be updated or inspected every 10 years. It is highly recommended to get any home over the age of ten years checked. What a perfect excuse to try out Powerdrive roofing’s free roof inspection. Flexible roof pointing is now the expected standard for roof tilers to follow in as2049 and as2050. So if you haven’t had your old cement roof pointing updated now is the time to act. Contact Powerdrive today!

How Do You Know If Your Roof Needs Repointing?

Keeping up with standard maintenance is a great way to keep your roof at its best. Repointing your ridge capping is the first and one of the most important steps in roof maintenance.

As mentioned earlier flexible roof pointing was not standard until 1995 in Australia. So homes built before this date will likely not be up to today’s current Australian standards. They would definitely benefit from roof pointing with the new flexible compound.

Roof Pointing Perth: Look For The Signs

Keep an eye out for indications that your roof may benefit from ridge capping roof pointing. Without having to risk your personal safety and climb onto the roof is to look for signs such as. You may notice a tile has slipped out of place or any of these:

  • Roof leaks
  • Excess moisture
  • Loose roof tiles
  • Missing roof tiles

Leaking roofs, staining on your ceiling or excessive moisture are common signs that roof repairs are required. More than likely that means roof pointing. If the ridge capping and pointing are cracking and exposed to the elements this will allow water ingress. Which may cause damage inside the roof, to the structure and the ceiling and can even cause ceiling collapse.

As earlier mentioned. One of the main functions of ridge pointing is to hold the top course of tiles in place. So, it makes sense that once the pointing is compromised. The top course tiles will begin to shift and move around. They may even slide out altogether and get caught in the guttering.

The Flexi pointing is responsible for holding roof tiles in place. If the pointing is worn or damaged, the roof tiles may loosen. You may even notice that some of the tiles are missing. So essentially roof pointing is one of the most important elements in protecting your home from the Perth weather.

If you suspect any roof leaks or damaged ridge capping please take advantage of our free roof inspections. Do not risk injury climbing up on a roof yourself unless you are a qualified roof tiler or roof plumber.

That is what the guys at Powerdrive roofing company are here for, Powerdrive Roofing services has got you covered.

How Long Does Roof Pointing Last?

Flexi pointing has a warranty period of 10 years when applied by a professional like our guys at Powerdrive roofing contractors.

But in general. It should really last a bit longer than that before it starts breaking down and requiring another professional repointing.

How Much Does Roof Pointing Cost?

Roof pointing cost in Perth is generally charged on a per ridge cap basis. This will depend on a few factors such as the tile type, the depth of the bedding. Obviously the deeper the bedding the more material used, the pitch of the roof and the height. In general, you would look at pointing per cap anywhere from:

Monier horizon, standard pitch: $9 per cap

Bristile swiss, standard pitch: $12 per cap

And anywhere in between for other profiles, but if you were to be on a steep pitch etc. Where harnesses and other factors were involved you would add up to $2 per cap to that price.

For a 2nd storey ridge pointing job, you would then have to factor in the cost of fall protection.

[Please note these prices are for straight roof pointing, they do not include rebed or any other repairs required prior to repointing ridge capping]

Check out our reviews here, don’t just take our word for how good we are! Arguably we are one of the top roof repointing companies in Perth!

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