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In the event of storm damage, we are able to provide detailed written reports together with photographic evidence where you require a formal submission to be submitted to your insurance company. To prove storm damaged roof repairs are required.

Firstly Contact Powerdrive Roofing and ask for our roof inspection service. Powerdrive Roofing will not only check the roof cover, it will also inspect your roof’s frame. Checking all the roof carpentry. Another reason it is handy to have Powerdrive roofing. Our experience and qualifications do not stop at the roof cover, we have qualified carpenters on board also.

Storm Damaged Roof Repair
Storm Damaged Roof Repair Specialists

20 Years Experience
20 Years Experience

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Storm Damaged Roof Repair Report

Being qualified and experienced in all types of Roofing, the comprehensive documentation we compile for you will ensure any claim for the storm-damaged is assessed easily and your exposure to further damage is minimized. The cost for such a report is minimal and is usually deductible should you choose us to undertake the repair.

We will work with you and your insurance company to produce a full assessment on what the storm damaged enabling you to get repairs for any storm damage rectified quickly and effectively.

Experts in problem leaks, with over 20 years experience of in finding and rectifying problem leaks in any roof, we have achieved a reputation for fixing roof leaks that several other roofing companies in Perth have failed to remedy. Rest assured that if you have a problem leak that other roof tilers have failed to repair, Powerdrive roofing contractors will both find the source of the leak and get the job done the right the first time.

Types of Roof Repairs

Whether it be a small roof leak or the water is flooding in, Powerdrive has the service to suit you. We have basic roof repair services which include Bedding and Pointing. Although a lot of the time only roof pointing is actually required as the bedding generally remains intact. While we are on-site we can always provide options for other services.

Depending on the age of your property of course. It may be at the stage it could benefit from a full roof restoration. If we are already going to be changing the broken roof tiles and repointing. Maybe we could look in to giving the roof a clean and also painting the roof.

Also, again depending on the age and damage to the roof. It may be time to look at replacing the old roof. This is always a last resort, But Re-roofing is a viable option if you are going to be wasting money on continuous repairs.

Cyclone Alby 1978 Storm Damaged Perth

Cyclone Alby just a tropical cyclone? I think not!

Alby started in the states north as a seasonal tropical cyclone, it was supposed to be no big deal. They were wrong. All of a sudden without warning Alby did a Dr Jeckel and Mr Hyde.

Alby became a monster storm that spread across a large section of the southern half of Western Australia. Including Perth. This article is about storm damaged roofing in Perth.

But we must take a second to acknowledge the tragic loss of five lives. Alby not only tore off roofs, but he also tore apart families.

All expectations were that Alby would weaken as he made his way further south. The cyclone known as Alby had a very different idea. Instead transforming into a weather system described as an extra-tropical transition, (Roughly translated to English it means it got a lot bloody worse).

 Instead of slowing and easing as predicted Alby picked up the pace and intensified as it travelled south towards Perth and beyond. No One was ready for what was to come.

The complete destruction stretched from the north of Perth all the way to Albany, Albany was hit extremely hard. There were roofs torn off from thousands of homes, offices and commercial buildings.

The storm took the coastal route surging down Cottesloe, Fremantle, Rockingham, Trigg, Mandurah, Bunbury, Busselton and everywhere in between and beyond. There were power outages leaving many isolated.

Perth had to deal with its own extensive power shut down. Roads had been cut off and unlike today there was no social media or mobile telephones. Landlines were also bought down which meant complete isolation.

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