Should I Replace or Repair my Roof?

by | Aug 7, 2020

Re-Roofs or Roof Replacements can be expensive, and most homeowners will put off a pricey home renovation for as long as possible. In the meantime, you can either do constant minor repairs that won’t cost you much at the time, we like to call these putting Band-Aids on cancer or you can get a roofing expert to do an extensive repair job on your roof that will make that old roof of yours potentially last a couple more years. It’s hard to choose the best possible repair or replacement decision when your old roof is already 25 – 30 years old. Here are a few tips to help you decide, is a repair job is enough? Or is a full roof replacement is a better solution in the long term.

When are Roof Repairs suitable?

#1: Your Budget

If you don’t have a budget for a full roof replacement, then a good repair can help you extend the lifespan of your roof until you have the money you need, or can at least help you get a few more years’ uses out of your tired old roof if done right, by professional roofers and there are even some roofs that are beyond us, we are roofers, not magicians, be we are honest about this and will not give a customer false expectations. Here are a few times when roof repairs are suitable.

#2: Area To Be Repaired

If only a small area of your roof is damaged or on one section of your home, then a roof repair can likely solve your problem in the short term, maybe even for good. The only problem here is that the new roof tiles might look different to your old roof tiles that have already faded and worn out slightly, which can make your roof look rough and patchy, so Powerdrive Roofing will always go the extra mile and swap out some tiles from an inconspicuous area to use and put the new tiles in the area hidden from view, or we will do our best to source materials of the same vintage from previous jobs that we have provided re-roofs and have stock in the yard.

#3: Overall Condition

if your roof is still in fairly good condition, then you should proceed with a simple roof repair or even discuss the option of roof restoration. Small roof repairs and a fresh coat of roof paint can make a huge difference to the look of your home adding value and kerb appeal, it can also help you get much more life out of your roof.

#4: Are You Selling?

If you are contemplating selling your home within the next few years, then a few roof repairs and a roof restoration is also probably the best option a roof restoration done right should give a warranty of seven to ten years if done by a reputable roofing company. Your old roof should hold up while you are still living there with just some minor roof repairs and restoration completed. To maximise a good sale price if moving, A full roof restoration is recommended it is a cheaper alternative to a full roof replacement and if done right it will give the impression of a new roof.

There are often times when a roof repair just isn’t going to be worth it, and a new and fresh roof is often a better or only solution. Here are a few times when it is recommended to get a re-roof or roof replacement.

#1: Just Too Far Gone

If your roof is just too far gone, then your only option is a re-roof or roof replacement. Some roof repairs are charged us on a per meter basis, if the damaged area is too big, then your repairs cost far too much and there is often no guarantee that there is not going to be problems the next day in an area close by if a roof is past its used by date, even the best roof tiler in the world can’t bring it back to life, we can make it look pretty with a coat of paint, but that would just be hiding the inevitable problem, Powerdrive have survived in the industry this long due to openness and honesty with their customers, we at times have had to walk away from jobs because we refuse to put our name to something we can’t put a warranty to.

#2: Out Of Stock

If your roof tiles are no longer made and hard to source, then a new roof might be best. A visibly patchy roof can make your home unappealing and will lower the property value, even though as mentioned earlier Powerdrive Roofing workers will do their best to blend in or place mismatched tiles in areas that are not obvious, this is not always an option, there is always the problem created by the tile manufacturers, much the same as apple constantly changing their chargers and accessories, roof tile manufacturers over the years have slightly changed the length and width of their roof tiles, so while they look identical, they will not seat in place correctly, therefore are very hard to correctly source or match.

#3: Value For Money

A new roof can increase property value immensely and can make your home a lot more functional if you choose the right materials, it can also lower your electricity and gas bills and save the life of your appliances as they won’t be overworked.

#4: Cheap Materials

Some roofs are made of cheap materials and are best replaced with something more durable and long-lasting. There is no point wasting money on cheaply fixing poor quality materials that are going to continuously cause you problems when your hard-earned money is much better of going towards a high-quality roof replacement for what we consider to be a small investment in the long term if you take into account the number of times the inferior roof cover would of allowed water ingress and caused major damage to your structure and internal fixtures?

The best way to decide if you need a roof repair, Re-Roof or Roof Replacement is to give Powerdrive Roofing a call. Take advantage of our Free Roof inspection service, we will sit down with you and go over all the options, we can discuss your budget and the best ways to move forward, let us worry about your roof.

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