What causes a leaky roof?

by | Aug 7, 2020

What Can Cause a Roof to Leak?

The best way to avoid a roof leak is to understand the potential causes of a roof leak in the first place. We have a few scenarios below that could cause your roof to leak.

Tiles and Fasteners

During heavy winds or a storm, roof tiles can be damaged and fasteners can be loosened or dislodged, creating space for water to make its way into your roof. Trees in close proximity to or above your roof should be manicured or trimmed back. Trees that are not properly trimmed back can drop leaves, debris and in worst-case scenario branches that will damage your roof and creating leaks.

Quality of Work

Improper installation and shonky or inadequate workmanship are some of the major contributing factors that homeowners experience leaks and therefore suffer water damage. When choosing a roof, it is not only the quality of the materials to take into account, it is imperative to have a highly qualified professional roofing contractor, who is experienced with the type of roof you have chosen, it is far too common in the Perth Roofing industry to see Roof Tilers Doing Gutter work or Roof plumbing and visa a versa, at Powerdive roofing we have qualified tradies completing the work that they are qualified for, so you know you are not only getting the best materials but the best people for the job, the end result is the same top quality that Powerdrive roofing is renowned for across Perth roofing community.

Skylights The Stylish Nightmare

Skylights are great for natural light and adding a bit of style or pizzazz to a room. However, if installed improperly or not sealed right, you can have a major issue above your head. I don’t just mean a little leak. Unfortunately in Perth some of our so-called tradies, unlike the skylights they are installing they are not very bright, in order to install an accessory such as a skylight, they will quite often remove major structural members in a roof void such as rafters, obviously under the impression that you won’t mind the roof collapsing around you because you will be able to see it happening with all the natural light they have provided.

Age of the Roof

The age of a roof can obviously be a major contributing factor to a leaky roof especially if the maintenance has been lacking. Over time, direct sunlight will dry the seals of pipe boots or the seals around skylights it will even dry and crack rubber seals on your colorbond roof tech screws. We find that these things are the main contributors to a leaky roof.


Chimney stacks which are more often than not forgotten about tend to collect water that will find its way into your home water doesn’t need big openings to come in and cause big damage. If there is pooling of water around your chimney area, it is likely leaking could occur. Personally I have found most chimneys in Perth are not used now anyway and should be decommissioned, if brought below roof cover height and a new roof cover installed over the top, its not a huge job that could potentially save you big time in the future. Failing that we lead into the next item.


Flashing is another common reason for a roof leak. When flashing is eroded or damaged, leaks form easily. In some cases, more often than you would like to consider contractors have failed to install flashing at all not because they are forgetful because they are trying to save themselves a few bucks, these are those roofers we often hear about on the news or a current affair, they rip off a few people and disappear, this is why you should always use a roofing company that is well established and known. Powerdrive Roofing has been around for a long time, with over 20 years of industry experience we are not the biggest fish in the ocean but we have proven ourselves amongst the sharks and we are here to stay.

How to Avoid the Roof Leak?

Now you know some of the causes of roof leaks but you may be thinking to yourself – what do I do Now? The first and most important step to take to avoid a roof leak is to schedule a FREE roof inspection! Having Powerdrive Roofing look your roof can catch a roofing problem before it occurs, so we avoid that pesky leak all together!

Schedule a FREE Roof Inspection with Powerdrive Roofing

We offer free Roof Inspections In Perth and surrounding areas. It’s a good idea to get
your roof looked at prior to issues arising, carrying out minor repairs can help prolong
the lifespan of your roof and save big dollars down the track. So rather than saving for a Brand New roof, get a Free Roof Inspection to fix any minor issues before they get out of hand and put that extra hard-earned cash to good use elsewhere, buy yourself a big screen tv, a couple of beers and sit back and watch the footy with your mates.

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