When do I need a Roof Inspection?

by | Aug 7, 2020

You’ve probably heard people talk about getting a roof inspection but you may be wondering when a roof inspection is necessary. It is important that your roof is maintained because it protects your home from the outside elements. Find out when you should call for a roof inspection by asking yourself these simple questions.

Is it possible I have wind or storm damage?

Storms are fast becoming popular weather occurrences in Perth. If your home is subject to any type of severe weather, it’s possible your roof could have sustained storm damage. If other homes in your neighbourhood have roof damage, it’s definitely a good idea to have yours looked at. Since we offer free roof inspections in Perth, it’s not going to hurt to have your roof looked at after a big storm.

Do I have missing or dislodged roof tiles?

You cant always pick roofing issues from the ground. However, if you do happen to notice any missing or dislodged roof tiles, you’re going to want to schedule a roof inspection. You want to get those looked at as soon as possible to prevent further roof damage, such as water ingress and potential bird and rodent infestation.

When was my roof last inspected?

It is recommended to have your roof inspected at least once per year. Generally, the best time for a roof inspection is right before winter, right? Well, that’s not quite right, if you leave your runt to late the weather is going to turn and a lot of the work that may be required may not be able to be done in the wet weather. Unfortunately, most people tend to forget about their homes first defense until it is too late and it has been penetrated and there is damage elsewhere. Don’t leave it till its too late, take advantage of Powerdrive Roofing’s free roof inspection service.

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